Quantity over quality


Quantity over quality

Gundulf writes:

My own trading style is very much one of quantity over quality I suppose. 

 By spreading myself over....

several games and using manageable stakes I feel I'm able to let the winners run and can afford the odd blow out or small red.

I do sometimes wonder to what degree stake size influences decision making in-play. By stake size I mean in relation to bank rather the monetary value. In theory, as long as the trader is using a sensible stake relative to bank, the actual size of the monetary value shouldn't come into one's in-play deliberations...If the selected trade was the right one it's crucial to let the trade work for you as far as you can. I'm not saying don't take the green - I'm saying don't take the first green in every situation. If you cut your winnings short you will find it much harder to accept the losses, both financially and, more importantly, emotionally. The reality, of course, is different. It's much easier to let a small stake run than it is to decline the offer of a green screen when you've staked a lot of money or are outside your comfort zone.


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