Profit expectations


Profit expectations

So you have decided to take up Sports Trading or some form of gambling and you might have bought a few systems, looked at a few strategies or even joined a service which means you are now ready to make some money.
Just how much money are you expecting to make? What is a reasonable amount of profit that you can expect to make per system/strategy/service?

Managing Your Expectations

If you are one of those people who expects you can follow a system or service and make 10 points profit a week then you are in for a shock Any service or strategy that is promising 10 points profit per week often has a very uneven risk-reward ratio, which could mean you are literally backing 1.10 shots. Good luck to you if you think that’s the way forwards!

I see it all the time with newbies who get into this game. They have unrealistic expectations of how much money can be made or how much money they should expect to make relevant to their bank size. If you only use a 3 figure bank then you cant expect to make a full time living or get rich overnight.

So…..How much should you expect?

If I said, say, 4 units on average per month? How would that sound? Remember, the "on average" part. Some months you may make 10 units, others you may lose 6 units. 4 units then might not sound but if each unit was £100 then that`s £400 per month on average. If you are a big fish that uses £1000 per trade then that would be £4k per month on average. Not too shabby when you think about it like that. If making 4 units per month on average doesn’t sound appealing to you then you have unrealistic expectations and you are in the wrong game I am afraid.


Probably a better way of calculating the profit you are making is by looking at the Overall ROI (Return on Investment). Some people are going to be in for a big shock when they hear the type of ROI that the professionals are happy with…What sort of ROI would you be happy with or even expect from Sports Trading or betting? 40%? 50%? or even a 500% return on investment?
One of the most well known Football Tipsters, Football Elite has been around for years and makes a profit year on year too. It is widely regarded as being one of the best services around for value bets. The results on his site are there to see for yourself. His best season was the 2008-09 season when he made a 20% Return on Investment for the season and averaged, wait for it, 2 Units Per Month.
This is a professional service who has proven to make long term profits. If you have the attitude that 2 units per month isn’t good or that 1 unit per week isn’t good then you really are looking at this game in the wrong way and you need to gain some perspective.

I know of people who have abandoned using systems when the ROI was lower then 25% as they have unrealistic expectations. They get sucked into the belief that the ROI should be much higher when it`s really not needed. Most only try systems for a few weeks at most before abandoning them before you even get a good idea of the actual ROI too but thats a whole different article for another day.

The sad thing is that I bet there are some people still reading this now and looking at that figure of 16% or just 2 units per month as and thinking they still wouldn’t be happy with that. Well as I said before, betting probably isn’t for you. The service at is never going to be a get rich quick scheme. It is about offering advice & training to help you become a profitable sports trader........over time. As you gain confidence then you begin to increase your staking levels


I do hope this article helps even just a few people reassess their expectations of how much profit you should expect to make in this game. I actually think that having unrealistic expectations is what ends up holding many people back. They expect to make “loadsa money” quickly and easily and so when it doesnt happen they lose faith and give up

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