A specific "bespoke" training course needs to be tailored foremost according to your knowledge of the betting exchange concept.
Many members that join our service do have some appreciation of how it works, others are very familiar but simply want to
be part of a supportive trading community where ideas and strategies can be shared.
In the first instance it would help you if you gave consideration to the questions below. 
1. How long have you been trading ?
2. Were you a regular bettor prior to starting to trade ?
(a)If NO, what motivated you to try sports trading ?
(b) If YES, are you still betting as well, or are you switching to trading exclusively ?
3. Do you trade on other sports or non sports markets too ? (eg Forex / Shares etc)
4. Do you have an interest and knowledge of football, or are you more interested in the mathematics and price movement ?
5. Which leagues / markets have you been trading so far ?
6. Do you keep records of your performance ? If YES, can you please let me have details on your most recent trades. A snapshot from the last month would be useful. What are your preferred trades, and which are your most successful ?
7. What is your average liability per trade ? What is that, as a percentage of your bank.
8. What is your objective from trading ? Is it:
(a) A hobby / part time income
(b) A profession / full time income
9. When thinking of your attitude to risk, do you prefer:
(a) Small profits and slow, steady progress; or
(b) A more agressive approach, understanding that the results will fluctuate more, but can produce better returns when things work.
10 Finally, what is your attitude to losing trades ?
(a) You find it easy to walk away and re-focus next time; or
(b) You don't like to lose, and often trade another game in the hope that you will recover from a losing position.
In my view, gathered over the nine years I have been using the betting exchanges, tradings falls into two areas: "mathematical" and "organic".
The first is where a trader looks purely and simply at the numbers, the second implies the trader has a knowledge of the sport and will use his judgment/ subjective opinion to make a decision. 
My personal style of trading involves a mixture of both. 
Underpinning the above is acquiring an understanding of how the markets work, why odds move in the way that they do, how we respond to these changes that occur during the course of an event that determines the success or not of our trading activity.
The elements listed below - modules if you will - can be covered during the course of an afternoon. 
A Saturday or Sunday is best since the Betfair coupon is naturally more extensive on these days than mid-week.
This will then give us more opportunity to look at the following topics:
module1 module2 module3
module4 module5 module8
That seems a lot to absorb in one afternoon! It is, but it represents an outline of the fundamentals of trading. 
There are more advanced techniques in the trading mix of course - Scalping, ability to recover from a losing position,
understanding leverage, etc.
Trading is a skill to be learnt like any other skill that demands serious study, diligence, patience..........and more patience!
Mistakes early on will be made - Christ, I still make the occasional gaffe after 9 years with Betfair! - but these are just part
of the learning curve.
You will expect to receive ongoing support from the trainer too. The livetradingfootball.com service - should you decide to join -
is primarily about providing help and guidance in addition to ensuring members Betfair accounts grow. 
The Community here is wide ranging from newbies starting out to veteran traders who are only too willing to share their experience & knowledge. 
The pooling of ideas is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do here.
If you are interested in joining one of these training Webinars then please send me an email via the Contact Form
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  • Comment Link Saturday, 08 April 2017 10:46 Bingo posted by Bingo

    Check this link: https://www.livetradingfootball.com/index.php/en/2016-03-17-15-11-09/webinars

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 04 April 2017 10:48 Andrew Bonner posted by Andrew Bonner

    Hi. I'm interested in the webinars. Are these available anywhere?

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 17 January 2017 15:52 Keith posted by Keith

    Hello Bingo
    Are the training webinars still running~? I would like more details, (costs?) please...I need to learn...whilst I can follow leads, I would prefer to understand; the correlation between markets and hedging/insurance are probably perfectly clear and obvious to some, but to me, with little trading experience, remain (somewhat remote) things of wonder..
    Appreciate your comments
    Thank you

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