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Trader's toolbox

Bingo' Bistrot


Strong favourite trading at 1.75 or less.


Back 3-0 and 3-1 for 1 point each. Lay the favourite in the next goal market for 3 points.

In play

When the favourite scores first, clear the red in the correct market or hedge it for profit.



Enter the trade when 0-0 at half time.


Back 2-2 for £2.

In play

Clear the red when it goes to 1-1... take the green or let run. Many options are available. Choice is up to the trader and his adversion to risk.

Drip lay the draw


Enter the trade when 0-0 is at 2.2 or less.


Lay 0-0 for £15 at 2.20, £25 at 1.80, £50 at 1.40.

In play

This is a "set and go" strategy and does not require any in play action.

Gundul's Gâteau


Strong favourite trading at 1.75 or less.


Lay the favourite in the half time market.

In play

Exit the trade when the odds are greater than 2.0.

Lazy Lamb


Strong favourite trading at 1.70 or less.


Dutch 2-0, 2-1, 3-0 and 3-1 and lay the favourite for the total correct score stake.

In play

Little to do except beware of 3-2 and any other favourite win.

Mag's Pie


HT score 0-1 or 1-0 with odds at less than 1.60 and HT Match Odds at less than 1.40.


Lay current HT score £15, lay leading team in HT market£30

In play

Set and go strategy, alternatively clear the red or hedge HT market when it goes 1-1.

Meat and two veg


When a team is leading by two clear goals. Entry point is 2nd half.


Lay the leading team for 2 points. Back 3-0 and 3-1 0.5 points each. Back over 3.5 1 point.

In play

If the leading team scores a third goal, do nothing. If the losing team scores, clear the red in the match odds market, clear the red in the over 3.5 market and leave the correct score market as it is.



Favourite trading at 2.0 or more.


Back 1-1 for £10, 2-1 and 1-2 for £6.

In play

Many possible scenarios here, the worst being 0-0 at half time. Either let rade run or hedge for 50% loss. If 0-0 after 20 mins back 2-2 for £4.

Second half Scattergun


0-0 at half time.


Back 1-1 for £10, 2-0 and 0-2 for £5 each.

In play

If a goal is scored before 60 minutes then look to green up or clear the red.



Enter trade when the score is 0-0 at 2.0 or less around 60 mins.


Lay the draw at 2.0 for £20, lay under 1.5 at 1.25 for £40, lay under 2.5 at 1.06 for £50.

In play

This is a "set & go" strategy. You may want to hedge Match Odds when 1st goal is scored.

andyyoung: i am new here

andyyoung: hello

deanno23: is this still active?

magellan: Valencia have won just one of their 11 matches in all competitions so far this season (D8, L2).

Nijinsky: that was a reply to your comment about the trade of risking £600 to win £66

Nijinsky: they think they are buying money Handy

pennys1: So if you back 2=0 at 8.6. lay same stake at 7.6. Only danger is if fav scores before lay is taken, then you just pray

pennys1: One good little trade is when you have a fav around 1.5 pre match you can back 2-0 and also lay fav next goal for same stake. If dog scores then scratch, if nor 2-0 will shorten, often by a point in 10 mins. So you can then remove red and leave a free bet

turgeonev: Tuesday 2nd May - 2.10 Pont Port Of Leith - 2pts WIN

turgeonev: Tuesday 1st May: Hediddodinthe, Newcastle 18:55 2pt WIN

TheCaptain: crazy

HandyAndy: why risk £600 to win £66

HandyAndy: someone backed £600 at 1.11 I took £100 of his money. I hope he got out at 1.03

HandyAndy: yes because there are straight punters just getting on anything available

TheCaptain: Still cant quite get over the odds movements as some are massive.

HandyAndy: its all about learning the concept

HandyAndy: thats great

TheCaptain: Top stuff. £14 quid overall for me which is decent for a first go on very small stakes. Much appreciated

HandyAndy: £155.49 so that £126 win was most of it

TheCaptain: How did you finish over the day?

30 day performance


Lead a trade and accumulate points by collecting thanks from users who follow your moves. Lead the board and win a prize.

Scores are reset at the end of every months. Top 3 traders get a prize.