Description : Backing draw & Over 3.5. When the score is 1-1 at HT or 70 mins at the latest



We are looking for an early 2nd half goal so that we ca reduce some of the red on Over3.5. You can let the trade run by doing nothing at this point and hope for another goal to secure the win on the Over3.5 bet. If this fourth goal makes the score 2-2 then you have hit the jackpot by winning on both markets.


In a relatively evenly matched contest the draw & Over3.5 odds will be about the same - 2.40 - 2.70

BACK both for £10 each

What if No goal:
On 70 mins if still 1-1 you hedge the Match Odds market for around £5 green. If game ends 1-1 / 2-1 / 1-2 your total loss is £5

What if one goal

Reduce red by at least 50% on Over 3.5

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