full monty

This is a HT trade whereby IF the game is 0-0 and there looks like goals, we Lay Under 2.5, Back 0-0.


Lay Under 2.5 at max 1.28, Back 0-0 to cover the red for 75-100% of the Under 2.5 side.

IF game still 0-0 when draw hits 2s, then Lay the Draw for the red on the Under 2.5 so 1 goal will end as a small loss. 0-0 FT slightly bigger loss. Looking for 2 goals between 46 and 76 mins.


Lay Under 2.5 at 1.22 to 1.28 for £50 or £100

Back 0-0 for £3 or £6 based on above stakes

Game remains 0-0 then LTD for £11 to £22, (green should cover the Under 2.5 red)

Set the Scanner up to find 0-0 games then check Bet365 for their In-play stats for that game. 4 or more SOT and a quick look at recent results. IF positive jump on before teams come back out.

Ideal outcome: Two early second half goals we can green the 2.5 up for a big profit. 1 early goal you can reduce the 2.5 Unders red or eliminate to leave a free trade.

Worst outcome: A goal just before placing the LTD at 2s will mean the Under 2.5 doesn't go out that high but enough to scratch/take out a small loss. 

0-0 FT you lose on the Under 2.5 plus the LTD but profit on the 0-0.

With more goals scored second half than first this type of trade will do very well in the English leagues. Best to use the Scanner to find 0-0 games and over the HT break check the above for clarification before jumping on. Many use a Half Monty which is similar but involves Laying Under 1.5 at 1.40 max, LTD same time, 0-0 cover optional. Most goals are scored from 76 to 90 mins, (plus Fergie time) than any other 15 minute period making this a profitable trade to use.

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