lay the draw

You LAY the draw and BACK at a higher price after a goal is scored.


Beware that if the dog scores first the price may not move at all in your favour.

It is essential in this trade to have a predetermined exit point either for taking a profit or accepting loss.

It is an extremely good strategy to practice the key element in trading:
Namely, taking the profit when the opportunity presents itself AND accepting a loss if the trade is not going in your favour.

Selection criteria:

With an average odds of 3.6 on the draw in most games, your liabilities are high.

Choose match selection carefully!

Staking: Personal choice

LAY DRAW @ 3.6 £50

After first goal

BACK @ 5.4 £33....

Hedged profit = £17

0-0 after 65mins



Hedged loss = £30

Dog scores first please see the Metaltone strat.


  • Comment Link Sunday, 01 January 2017 10:14 Bingo posted by Bingo

    My mistake Paul. The Metaltone isn`t a strat we use anymore

  • Comment Link Saturday, 31 December 2016 21:57 Paul posted by Paul

    Dog scores first please see the Metaltone strat.
    Link to Metaltone can't be found

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