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LAY heavy  fav in the HALF TIME MATCH ODDS market pre match and exit the trade when the BACK odds are higher, enabling you to green up.



The rate at which the odds move in this market is greater than seen in the regular MO market.

Bigger profits - especially if the dog scores first - but less time to recover should the trade

go against you. Look to exit trade after 15/20 mins

Selection criteria:

Favourites should be less than 2.0 in the HALF TIME market.

More than this then your liabilities could be quite severe

Staking: Personal choice

Example: when still 0-0 after 15/20 mins

LAY FAV @ 1.75 £100

BACK @ 2.0 £87.50

25 tick profit = £12.50

Example: 0-1 to the dog
a) Let the trade run and hope the fav does not equalise or even score 2 or more in the time left remaining. Very risky...and greedy!
b) BACK the fav to leave equal green on all 3 outcomes - Home/Away/Draw. The easiest of the 3 options 
c) BACK 1-1 & 2-1. A little more complicated as it depends on the prices currently available

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