draw no bet

Like the Asian Handicap this market removes the draw from the three possible outcomes - home win/away win/draw

Consequently the odds on both teams are less than the odds in the MO market.

If you BACK Team A and they win....you win the bet
if match is a draw then your stake is refunded. You don`t win and you don`t lose
If Team B win you lose your stake

Note: DNB  can be traded in-play. But beware of often poor liquidity so chose high profile games where there is at least £20K in the market

Selection criteria:

Teams to be evenly priced in MO market


You can take insurance on CS pre match
Example: BACK Team A DRAW NO BET @ 2.0 £100

BACK Team B Correct Score.... e.g 0-2 £25 AND 1-2  for £25

Tip:  The odds on Draw No Bet should be identical to 0 on the Asian Handicap market. Sometimes you will notice a difference in these 2 markets and this presents an opportunity to execute an arbitrage trade

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