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Frequently asked questions

What can I expect if I become a member of your service?

Profits!!. Naturally
We also hope that you will improve your trading skills with the guidance & help of the excellent traders in our community

What size trading bank do I need?

The staking levels advised on our trades are such that a starting bank of £200 will be ok. As you progress on your trading journey and your bank grows you can then increase your unit stakes.

Remember that not all of our trades are winners so please stake according to levels that you are comfortable with

How can I view the trades proposed?
All featured trades - Trade of the day (TOTD) - .are posted in the Members` area. A daily email will be sent advising you if such a trade is available that day
What is the difference between a TOTD and an In-Play trade?
The TOTD - the featured trade of the day - is based on pre match analysis and appropriate strategy selection. If you wish to follow this trade, place your bets before KO and join the chat room to be advised of any in-play moves

In-Play trades are made during the game itself. This could be after 20 mins, at HT or even in injury time. These trades are based on how we read the match in real time and act upon opportunities we feel are worth trading
How do you calculate your results?

The stakes used are stated either as UNITS or currency. As a general rule one unit = £10 / €10. This is a level that most of our members feel comfortable with but you can halve, quarter, double or treble this. Some of our senior traders will use considerably more than this as it is their full time living!

Can I post trades myself?
Absolutely! Not only will this help your trading skills and trading mindset you will also have the chance to win cash prizes every month
I am a total novice to trading on the exchanges. Do you offer any training programme?
Yes we do.
Please contact us so we can discuss your needs in more detail. Typically, training programmes can cover the whole A-Z of trading to custom bespoke training modules that look at specific aspects & areas of trading
I have a Basic subscription plan. can I upgrade ?
Yes you can. Login to your account and choose the upgrade plan you want - Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

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