£15 prize for our TRADER OF THE MONTH

September was a strange trading month for me as the graph seemed to swing wildly up & down. Although hitting the jackpot on a fair few occasions there were too many 100% losses. Understandably, I wouldn`t be surprised or miffed if members hesitated before following some of my trades.

One member who did inspire confidence - wth me at any rate - was Gridge. He doesn`t post a lot but there is something imperceptibly calming about his approach. It`s difficult to quantify this feeling especially given that we are operating in the virtual world but he is a trader that strikes me as calm, unemotional, careful and considered in the trades he picks and, importantly, leaves alone.

He came to our attention initially with this perfectly executed Scattergun that yielded 250% ROI

haugesund valerenga sg


£15 is on its way, Sir!

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Barcelona v Celtic 7:0

Brendan Rodgers (aka Darren Farley) in the post match interview after Celtic were thrashed 7-0 by Barcelona considers his side were unlucky not to win the game. 


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Are results the be-all and end-all?

This is the first post in the new Blog section. What better topic to kick off this latest addition to the website than the question of Results. I have decided to do away with them, at least in their current format. This blog will always contain posts that are directly concerned with results of trades but the emphasis will be more on the explanation of the trade, the `how` and `why`if you will. rather than just a stark set of numbers that are coloured either green or red.

There are a number of reasons for this change. The LTF.com website - as with previous ones I`ve been involved with - was created and structured to give members a portal into the world of trading and the tools to help them become better, more knowlegable traders. Knowledge is power but the application of that knowledge is the real art, not the simple mechanics. This service is, dare I say it, tailored towards the intelligent punter rather than someone who simply wants to follow a tip that has arrived in his morning email box.


Over stressing the day to day results, therefore, means leaning more towards the "tipster" idea. The LTF.com service is more than that in much the same way that the TOTD is not the only measure of what we are offering. I cannot believe for an instant that every member follows every TOTD and its exact staking levels since that would imply they are not applying any filters of their own. After only a month or two I know that members have already developed a sense of what works for them and what doesn`t because they are intelligent enough not to blindly follow a trade suggestion without some form of careful consideration. 


This being the case, it follows that other members` trade ideas must be factored into the totally transparent results section. This is simply not possible since I am not in the chat room 365 days per year to monitor and record them. How can accuracy of results be gained when, for example, £100 profit is won on one night but not included in the daily results? More pertinently, Member A will not have the same P/L as Member B because he hasn`t followed the same trades or even if he has, then has he used exactly the same stakes? Or someone joins the trading session late and has missed the carnage of an earlier 100% loser but has, fortuitously, jumped on a Gundulf GS special that nets a whopping 250% green? In short, there are far too many variables to factor in to make Results an exact science. 

The TOTD will of course still continue to be an important part of the service. Equally important is the sharing and pooling of ideas that enhance and develop our knowledge to make us profitable traders - which is what we are here for!
"The lack of money", as Mark Twain said, "is the root of all evil."

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