A tale of two games

To borrow loosely from Dickens it Was the best of trades, It was the worst of trades.



The main TOTD, Brazil v Argentina, had an easy groove to it as the Samba boys totally dominated Argentina for whom Messi hardly had a kick, or an effective one at least.

Pre-match selection that included Brazil Clean sheet & Correct Score plus a small saver on Argentina/Draw in the HT/FT market. £35 staked and a £36 profit return.

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Colombia didn`t ever really make the best use of their marching powder against a Chile side who crawled into the opposition half on no more than three occasions.Ok, it may have been more but I was on Valium watch. That is, I couldn`t watch the bore-fest with my eyes open.

Possibly there was some surprise in the chat room that I made no in-play moves. I am tending to do this more often since I have reviewed my trading style recently. I`m not averse to trade certain games without any in-play tinkering. If my pre match analysis is wrong then so be it. But more often than not, my research proves to be on the button. If  a game looks to be heading towards the dreeaded  0-0 then I can live with not chasing the trade as it slides away. The way my trades are staked then a goalless game is always going to be tricky to turn round; backing 0-0 or Under 1.5 at HT is not an option. There are many of my trades whose success rests on the final 15 mins of the match. It is rare for my trades to be done & dusted by HT for example. Nice when it does but generally my action and chances of securing a profit tend to be realised or not during the last quarter of an hour. The one goal required scenario turns green enough times for me to warrant the occasional full loss trade .....







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Clearing the red

Two trades that typify what LTF.com is all about. The first is a Trade of the Day that gives members access to a full pre match analysis, the strategy selection and specific staking. This trade is then managed in the chat room for the 90 minute duration of the match. 



The second trade is an in-play suggestion that spotted value in laying Under 2.5 goals when the score was 0-0 at HT. 


mag chievo juventus


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A couple of hustlers

No featured TOTD yesterday - just one those days when nothing from the Betfair card leapt of the page. Some in-play trades from Eddie & Bingo did put us in profit to the tune of £32

bingo whu stoke



eddie aston villa blackburn

eddie hudd brum

bingo ingol augsburg

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Don`t be handicapped by the handicap

Asian Handicap is arguably a market best traded in isolation. No insurance, no other correct scores, just a trade that is "set & go". The prices on the handicap are short enough as they are because you don`t have to back a lot of other scorelines. Example: - 1 HCP means you are giving the underdog a goal start. You win your bet if the fav wins by 2 goals or more. On the coupon that covers 2-0 / 3-0 / 3-1 / 4-0 / 4-1 / 4-2. As soon as you start to cover those scorelines with a negative result - any draw or win for the dog which equates to 10 of the possible 17 scorelines - then you are eating into your potential profit in a serious way.

That`s what trading does to you. You following sensibly (yet rigidly) the principle to protect your bank yet sometimes that can prove to be the wrong course of action. Last night`s Benfica v Kiev trade was selected as a good candidate for use of the Handicap market. Trading @ 1.67 in Match Odds, it seemed reasonable to assume Benfica would win. By how much is the moot question. One goal margin? two? Three? Not sure, then use the Handicap. 1-0 / 2-1 /3-2 would have resulted in a scratch trade. Stake returned. 

The addition of in play moves at HT - backing 2-2 & 3-0 + LAY Benfica @ 1.30 - was perhaps stretching caution to its limit. 

bingo benfica kiev


On a more postive note, A successful Mags Pie strastegy in the Ludo v Arsenal match easily covered the Benfica loss while further green was secured thanks to Eddie with a couple of classy trades:

bingo ludo arsenal

eddie bristol fleetwood

eddie ludo arsenal

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