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A big part of the Trading Centre is the ability for any member to post a trade (and remember, the more trades you post the better the chance to win our monthly prize of £15) so Magellan, our resident IT guru of the dark arts of coding, has made it a sinch to do just that.

1. CLEAR CACHE (below example is Chrome browser)

click icon


clear cache




start trade


type team


click match




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Sports Trader wins Strictly

2016 Strictly Come Trading Winner

Bingo and his partner Joanne Clifton have lifted the glitterball trophy and been crowned champions in the final of Strictly Come Trading.

The football trader beat finalists Danny Mac and Louise Redknapp to win the 2016 series.

Fifteen contestants had started the competition, with Bingo calling his eventual victory "the most incredible experience of my life".

The trader thanked the Strictly production crew and the judges and told his trading partner Clifton: "I love you with all of my heart. I'm so speechless. I just want to say thank you."

She told him: "You've become a trader. You're a trader."

Bingo entered the competition in November and admitted he was so nervous after backing himself @ 9.8 he exited @ 12.5 . "I lost my nerve", the owner of said. "Cup competitions are really hard to get right and I didn`t want to lose everything, especially my partner who I`m so proud of, my family who expect food to be put on the table and, of course, all the members who have shown such incredible support and faith in me. But something told me to hang in there. The Jive had served me well in the past and if there was an opportunity to get in the box, then I`d have a chance that those flicks & kicks would come good. I`m glad I decided to let it run as lifting the trophy and pocketing £112 means everything to me"

Asked what his plans were now Bingo said nothing had really changed and he was just looking forward to carry on trading as normal.



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One of the key aims of the service is to help members become better traders. There are resources avaialble - videos, articles, training webinars - but it is in the chat room where fortunes are won and lost. The old hands, Bingo, Gundulf, Mag, VT have been posting trades for years now but it can be daunting to step up to the plate and share for all the world to see a trade idea of our own. You not only post it but you also lead the trade, advising on what moves to make in-play. You`re in the spotlight. You have put your head above the parapet. 

"Fast" Eddie Dixon has done just that by posting over 50 trades during November. I don`t know the exact P/L for all his trades but one thing that struck me was the consistency of his approach. Eddie uses two or three tried & tested strategies and does not deviate from the staking amounts that the criteria that these strats demand. Most of his trades are in-play in the 2nd half when he will often look at 1.5 or 2.5 goals markets.

Clear, concise, precise. 

Rack`em up Eddie!

£15 is on its way!

eddie hudd brum

eddie ludo arsenal

eddie aves sportingB back01.5

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Trading or gambling

All trading is gambling. Once you hit that "Confirm bets" button that`s it. You`ve taken a gamble, a bet, a punt, a wager. You have no control of what is going to happen over the next 90 minutes. Or the next two minutes! Traders and gamblers kick off from the same starting point. Research, mining statistics data, analysis both quantative & qualitative. They both may even have something called a staking plan!

The one fundamental difference as far as I can judge is that trading allows you to change your mind during the event or as the market guys would say, you can manage your position. How skilfully you manage this position determines the outcome of your final profit & loss. Apart from that you`re in the lap of the gods - or more meaningfully the £80K per week pro footballer who misses a penalty for example (or the ref who doesn`t award a clear penalty).

The video below shows how the trader starts off on exactly the same level playing field as the gambler. His judgment formed pre match was correct as both matches went his way in terms of which team scored first. It could easily (and from a mathematical poit of view, probably) have gone against him. The remainder of the match was spent following certain trading principles - reducing and/or clearing liabilities, monitoring odds movement in-play, being proactive in the market, being decisive. As it happened I could have placed my bets like a regular gambler at 3pm, gone down the pub, returned to the bookies (or computer screen) at 5pm and gone to the payout desk. Job done. But I like trading as a job. You`re working for 2 hours, testing your skills, making decisions, being in control, walking confidently on the fine line between hope and realism, balancing risk v reward.


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