Someone is pleased


 P/L: + £171

A service such as this at should, reasonably enough, be judged by its results. Yet, as well as helping members to increase their Betfair accounts, we also house a community of traders that are, well, pretty decent blokes (and a few women here too). Profit is the objective but providing a stimulating environment should go hand in hand with that.

So the shameless plug I include here is from a new member, Martin, who kindly sent in these positive comments:


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Bingo and the members for their help and consideration during my first two days as a member. The trading centre is brilliant and I'm sure that all that participate have a fun and profitable time. I've made enough to cover my subs for here and to IPT. I've even posted three trades and have 9 points, which I am proud of. I gain experience daily. A special thanks to Bingo and to member VT. The latter has gone beyond his call of duty. If a reward is given out I would recommend him.
I am so glad I joined, not only for the profits, but for the fun.
Many thanks
P.S the TOTD's are surely sent to bring on palpitations lol

p l sunday






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Green Boot Day


 P/L: + £114

There seems to be a general consensus among traders that the International break is bad for business so to speak. Friendly fixtures in particular are games to avoid along with other bete noirs like the Europa League and Liverpool FC! This attitude may be quite appropriate for some traders or to put it another way, for some specific "style" of trading. I suspect, though, that this could be a red herring. If you approach a trade on a game which you have earmarked as "trappy" then if you lose you have an immediate excuse for your failure. The obvious retort of course is that you shouldn`t even consider entering a trade with such a negative attitude.

Be that as it may, it  was good to get back to the meat & drink of our trading activity that is the domestic leagues. So many more quantifiable factors are available upon which we can base sound arguments and reasoning for entering a trade. Current form, relegation/promotion issues, head to heads and a myriad of other data. Familiarity too. I`m far more comfortable debating the merits or otherwise of Hertha Berlin than, say, Estonia.

Last night it was in the Bundesliga that we kicked off our trading session in the chat room, ending with a short hop over to Italy`s SerieB. In between those we squeezed in trips to France and Spain. Yep, it`s International but it`s domestic if you see what I mean. 

Four trades and four different strategies which made for not just a profitable night but, in the words of one new member in our community, "an educational one". Here`s how we clocked on to work at 7.30pm and signed off three hours later with a £114 profit.



Our featured Trade of the Day (TOTD) which used the HT score market as the basis for our trade. Very evenly priced up in the market pre KO, it seemed it would be rude not to include 1-1 in the trading mix here along with Draw/Draw in the HT/FT market (this little trick takes care of that pesky 0-0). In addition, Over 2.5 @ 2.30 seemed too generous to ignore given Hertha`s impressive home form (W10-D1-L1) and Hoffenheim`s high percentage of BTTS YES on their travels. A Red Card for the Old Lady (yes, Hertha share that same nickname with Juventus) scuppered their chances of breaking into the top 4 in the league as Hoffenheim ran out 3-1 winners. While Hoff were huffing & puffing their way to victory we had already closed the trade at HT for + £27 and had moved on to France...........

hertha hoff




A first half MagsPie strategy didn`t work out but we recouped the £7 loss by entering again in the 2nd half with a cheap LAY of Le Havre who  were leading by a solitary goal. Reims goal stats for 2nd half justified this move (it takes but a minute to check this out on a stats website) and we were rewarded with an equaliser on 79mins. Greened up to the tune of + £15

lehavre reims




For anyone in the chat room who wanted to listen I was constantly wittering on about " of SerieB........Cesena in a relegation scrap..." so likewise with the French game, a first half entry failed with a £5.70 loss but recovered with a similar LAY of the leading team. Since our tails were well and truly up by this point in the trading session, an additional LAY Under 2.5 @ 1.05 could be considered greedy - but it was cheap. Fros got the one goal at least that we needed but no cigar as the 3rd goal didn`t materialise.

cesena frosinone




However, the Havanas were dished out for this trade as the classic Vista strategy came into its own with a full monty jackpot return. For non-members reading this you are probably tired of trying to work out what`s going on with this weird terminology. MagsPie? Vista? Hey, we`ve got to give a name to these strategies; I agree they are daft but there you go. 

Basically, you enter the trade after 60 mins when it`s still 0-0 and you lay the crap out of the draw, Under 1.5 and Under 2.5. Total liabilities are relatively cheap when you need just one goal to put you in a small green position. Two goals and it`s 200% ROI time.............three goals and Bingo, it`s drinks on the house. Profit here: + £68

espanyol betis



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Rolling Lay

by Gundulf
In general, I look for goals, or more accurately, the expectation of goals. But I approach the trade in one of several different ways and I'd struggle to define one general approach. I'll outline two broad methods, but often I use a hybrid approach. 
One. Lay current score to a set liability. I then lay subsequent current scores to the same liability for first half goals. In the second half, I'm a bit more circumspect, and generally use half the original liability. This gives a greater chance of a profit if second half goals prove scarce. 
Two. Lay more than one score to a set liability. Usually I start with 0-0 and 1-0 / 0-1 whichever is the dog score, if that makes sense. If dog then scores, I'll lay the next two scores to the same liability. If favourite scores, lay current score and next dog score, if that makes sense. So 1-0 to faves, lay 1-0 and 1-1. Rinse and repeat as goals go in, again, usually halving liability for second half lays. 
Early goals will often find me laying one of the 'any other' scorelines, and I'll sometimes chuck a match odds lay into the mix as well!

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Trading without the clutter


Multiple monitors showing the Betfair in-play coupon, Bet365 in-play stats, a live game on Sky, a match preview site, a live chat room, probably your email box is visible and a page open on that weekend away break you promised the wife/parther.......and as for all those post it notes, cold coffee cups and chocolate digestive crumbs jamming up the keyboard

Tidy up the clutter

We can`t help you clean up all of the above but the new Trading Console goes a long way to organising your trading activity for the better. And when you`re trading you need to be free from distraction. Focus is key.


1. Live chat room where information is shared, ideas are put forward and we collectively moan when that £100K per week prima donna misses a penalty. We also shout from the rooftops when that injury time equaliser means we add £42 to our Betfair accounts. It`s a community thing.

2. Trade Box: taking centre stage is this neat area where trades are posted with clear instructions on staking and the poster guides you through any in-play moves required. You choose to follow the trade or not. Simple.

3. Toolkit: A nifty little resource that has a drop down list of strategies that clearly detail entry & exit points and appropriate staking levels. Sitting neatly next door is the Stats & Facts box. Anyone can post in here vital tit bits of information about a team`s goal stats, for example, or head to head records. An excellent resource for those quick "on-the-fly" trading decisions

4. Leaderboard: A live updated record of which trader is leading the field. Points collected from grateful followers all add up to giving him a chance to pocket a £15 cash prize at the end of the month.

5. Performance: a cracking feature that shows your current P & L. After each trade that you follow or lead, you enter the amount you have won or lost and the 30 day Performance graph is instantly updated. Er, you do keep records of your trades don`t you?



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