£15 prize for our JULY TRADER OF THE MONTH

In a month of friendlies, Scandinavian togger, semi-important Cup competitions in South America and a passing look at the emerging Women`s game, trading over the past few weeks has been fruitful at times, a stinker at others. Some traders, understandably, walk away from Betfair for a while to return fully recharged for the start of the domestic campaigns; others are energised enough to keep at it. 

One such is Turg who has been nothing short of a hero in my eyes. he has posted an average of one trade a day and, in his own admission, found leading trades, er, how can we say, emotional, he plugged away. Not only that but he has kept a positive atmosphere going in the chat room with a brand of banter that is amusing and pertinent to the job at hand. 

The Community here thanks for your your hard work. Medecins sans Frontieres also thanks you for kindly donating your £15 monthly prize to their worthy cause. Their effort in volunteering their pofessional services and expertise in some of the most dangerous, volatile spots on earth is outstanding. What I also discovered is that just 1% of donations received is spent on administration. Quite a contrast to other charities who have often been called to task for the mismanagement of funds. Turg clearly felt that there was more value in giving to MSF!




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£15 prize for our MAY TRADER OF THE MONTH

If Chelsea winning the title was a foregone conclusion months before the final whistle then selecting this month`s Top Trader was a safe enough bet just half way through the month.

Pennys has quietly gone about his trading business with a no frills approach and simply sticking to a formula that works for him - and for those smart enough to follow his trade suggestions.

His match selection process unearthed little nuggets that others may not have noticed. Using primarily the Vista strategy Pennys guided us on the gravy train in Peru, Lithuania, 2nd division games from Timbuktoo and beyond.

As well as being grateful for the number of winners he gave us, we also appreciate his unassuming and modest manner. The gambling fraternity is full of merchants with a big ego. Pennys is certainly not one of them.

1500 pennies on its way, Sir!



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Who can forget the iconic image in The Godfather of two dead fishes that were sent to the Corleone family.  Naive Michael is told that Luca Brazzi now sleeps with the fishes. He has been murdered.

What gambler can forget those moments in football history where something definitely smelled fishy? In general most instances of corruption have been connected to gambling syndicates who bribe players and/or officials for financial gain. Other cases invole collusion between teams in games where relegation or promotion matters are involved. 

Let`s take a look at some of them:

  • In 2013 two Nigerian promotion play-off games ended 79-0 and 67-0!! Plateau United Feeders and the bizarrely named Police Machine went into the matches level on points, with promotion to the lowest tier of the Nationwide League Division at stake. The Feeders scored 72 of their goals in the second half, while Police Machine reportedly scored 61 times after the break in their game.


  • In 2005 a £1.7 million match-fixing scandal centred on second-division referee Robert Hoyzer, who admitted fixing matches for a Croat betting ring. Four years later, investigators from an organised crime task force in Bochum uncovered a network that German police believe may have been responsible for fixing as many as 300 matches across Europe.


  • Nigeria’s 4-1 friendly win over Argentina in June 2011. The game featured Premier League players Pablo Zabaleta, John Obi Mikel and Victor Anichebe. With Nigeria leading 4-0, it saw a huge swing on some in-play gambling markets that appeared to anticipate a fifth goal. Referee Ibrahim Chaibou awarded five minutes of stoppage-time but let play carry on until, in the eighth minute of additional play, he wrongly awarded a penalty to Argentina. 


  • Juventus were involved in an Italian match fixing scandal back in 2006 that saw them demoted to Serie B and stripped of their 2005 and 2006 Serie A league titles. Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi was sentenced to five years and four months in prison whilst Fiorentina owners Andrea Della Valle and Diego Della Valle received 15-month prison sentences and a €25,000 fine each. Lazio president Claudio Lotito also suffered a 15-month sentence with €25,000 fine whilst AC Milan executive Leonardo Meani was given a one-year sentence.


Italy seems to have more than its fair share of match fixing allegations. Since 2006 (see above) not a season goes by without whispers of something smelly occuring. So all of this brings me on to tonight`s fixture in Serie B between Cesena v Verona. The draw is priced @ 1.70 and 0-0 & 1-1 are currently trading @ 4.4. The simple explanation is that in this final game of the season Verona need just a point to be promoted. Cesena are in mid-table and have nothing to play for. In fact these two have previous. In 2008/09 Cesena needed a point to guarantee promotion to Serie B. The game ended 0-0

If you want to have a bet then try dutching 0-0 & 1-1

In my earlier trading days I was fascinated by how such "fixing" could be done and profited from. There was one game between Catania v Chievo that cropped up at the end of the season. Here is a video I made of that





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£15 prize for our APRIL TRADER OF THE MONTH

April saw more members` trades posted (apart from the Bingo TOTD ) than any other month. This is exactly the kind of participation we, as a community, are looking for. The list of commendations is long so apologies if you feel I have ommitted anyone. Eddcup, Turg, YouOrns, Chrisjump, Speaker, Pennys, Kivitano have all stepped up to the plate even though by their own admittance, they are fairly new to the trading game. They should be applauded.

To select a winner for this month`s Top Trader prize was more difficult than other months but in the end the gong goes to Glos. Not only has he turned a losing day into a winning one on many an occasion but he has pumped out trades on a consistent basis and in his own unique way. Variety is everything in our game as some styles of trading suit some but not others.

Glos`s main approach is the use of the Lazy Lamb strategy. He has often found value to be had - clearly he has done his research here - in laying the favourite along with selective scorelines as insurance. But a leader of a trade also has to manage it in-play and Glos does this with calm efficiency and astute timing.

It`s up to you which trader you choose to follow or not but I suggest that you keep your eye firmly on this man!

£15 is on its way!




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