Bingo Bypass Handicap Hurdle


As posted exclusively to members just before Christmas, this ante-post trade is now reaching its conclusion and what a contest it has been!

The book on Bingo`s By-Pass Hurdle (to give its shorter name) opened with a large field and presented traders with a number of opportunities in-running. As the event is now approaching the final furlong so to speak most of us would have exited our earlier positions with a few options still available to stay in the trade to eke out further profits. Here is a summary of this fascinating contest:

The leading runners in the market were Stroke, Amputation, Blood Clot, Death and Impotence, the latter a very real danger to this trader. Further down the field we had Parkinsons who was no great shakes frankly. Dementia, a foal out of Madness on the dam side, forgot to turn up. Panic and Anxiety, not unsurprisingly, attracted interest but were clearly out of their depth in this listed contest; worth keeping an eye on though in the upcoming "Who Gives a Toss" novice stakes.  Myopia and Cataract hardly got a look in. 

After a sluggish start where most of the runners appeared to be totally anaethetised, Stroke and Amputation never seemed to be in contention despite the going being in their favour, so the LAY to BACK traders should have exited with a nice green there. Likewise with Death who gave up the ghost early doors. Bookies, clearly in a festive mood, have offered to refund those who tried to back this each-way, citing the obvious fact that Immortality was not  an option. In an 8 hour race under gruelling conditions Blood Clot was generally present throughout in mid-division. Clearing the red would have been the best move there in my opinion. However, going about its business stealthily, Pneumonia suddenly made an impressive move up on the inside lung. Its stable mate, Exhaustion, while up with pace throughout yet, paradoxically, off it as well, began to ask serious questions on the by now strung out field. Impotence, the dark horse in the race, remained the only other challenger yet, oddly, didn`t appear to give a fuck. Backers of this, like myself, could have elected to let the trade run, depending on whether you felt a clean sheet was a possibility or not.

Nearing the finishing line, most of the field had either pulled up or fallen, leaving Exhaustion to canter home with some margin to spare. A thrilling contest, if the macabre and absurd gets your adrenalin going, but the sponsors, Gillette Super Surgical Scalpel, announced directly after the race that it would be ceasing any further involvement. It is to be hoped that no other sponsor will be found willing to take up any further interest in an event of this nature.

So, it`s back to business on the level playing fields of the beautiful game. This trader is happy to say he will be delighted to enjoy your company once more in the chat room this Saturday, 6th January.

Stay healthy. Stay green!







  • Comment Link Friday, 05 January 2018 15:52 Martin Murray posted by Martin Murray

    This is brilliant news.

  • Comment Link Friday, 05 January 2018 14:22 David Mitchell posted by David Mitchell

    Great news

  • Comment Link Thursday, 04 January 2018 15:58 BCL posted by BCL


    Just wanted to wish you all the best in 2018! May you always green up all the markets that you will be involved in - trading and not-trading wise :)

    Best wishes!

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 03 January 2018 20:46 john roberts posted by john roberts

    You`re a funny guy Bingo but one helluva sick puppy!

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 03 January 2018 20:10 peter coals posted by peter coals

    Yes - love the sense of humour during such a serious time for you. Great news that you will be back at the weekend Bingo.All the best.

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 03 January 2018 15:32 Tadz posted by Tadz

    A super in(travenous)-running commentary that would make Peter O'Sullevan proud !
    So glad you're in good spirit and on the road to recovery.
    Best wishes,

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