Given that Ian is the only trader left standing who has not been cross-matched, redded up, greened up, backed, layed or otherwise abused by Harvey, this month`s award goes to him. On receiving the nomination Ian had this to say:

I'd just like to thank my producer, the director and my fellow artists involved......

If I was to reflect on the trading month, I would say that it is very typical of my approach to trading when I am functioning at my best.  (As you know or may recall, the one problem I've often had with my membership of the forum is the temptation/obligation to over trade or find trades to post rather than waiting for proper opportunities to arise - it's something I'm sure you, Bingo, find difficult as members will understandably be expecting you to pull a rabbit out of a hat every time you show your face in the trading room)

A fairly new approach for me has been looking for opportunities to lay AOHW in games where popular opinion would be that carnage was on the cards (Man City and Barcelona being prime examples)  This stems from our conversation about sides which "Park the bus" and concede possession and territory for the sake of structure and solidity.  That lead me to the belief that often the price for AOHW would be far too short and/or even if the floodgates did open, it would often take some time for the short favourites to make a break through.

The strategy works best when the CS2 market offers some cover as this can usually be obtained at good value.

Careful match selection and patience also enabled me to pick up a few scenarios where we were able to ride down on the 0-0 in the CS market, before laying the draw at low liability in the second half.  Timing, price watching and study often give us good reason to believe that a game is likely to be a "next goal wins it" scenario, and if timed right one can get out with a profit without needing to test our nerves by leaving ourselves exposed.

One thing I really focused on this month was taking first profit, particularly where that was my original aim. If your trade works, take the profit when it's there, walk away and don't even worry about what if's. You know it makes sense !

Variations on the old reliable Vista also paid dividends on more than one occasion.  Particularly pleasing was the fact that I had only two losing trades for October (although I did need to work hard to scratch a handful of neutral outcomes as well)

Another standout for me was the fact that as confidence grew, so did the clarity of decision making and the timing of those decisions. I let the stats and the state of the game dictate my trade, tried to keep things simple and backed myself to make the right decisions.  All the things, in fact, that I would say were my strong points if I was being arrogant !!!!

So, a welcome return to form, and absolute proof positive for me that match selection and patience are two of the strongest tools in a trader's armoury.

My only concern is that this will turn out to be like the "manager of the month" award in the EPL and I'll be having to move house and enter the witness protection programme to avoid angry members by the end of November !!!!!!

In all seriousness, as you are aware, I stepped away from the forum for a period of time. As the clouds started to clear and I returned to the fold, so to speak, I was immediately struck by the fact that the atmosphere, mutual support and general lack of dick swinging is a great practical and emotional support to members of all levels of experience. There are clearly some very capable people in this group. If we continue to work together, we will all benefit. We're not in competition with each other, and the positivity that engenders is a huge bonus for me, particularly given the fact that I spend so many hours working in the middle of the night on events 13,000 miles away.

I hope to continue to contribute positively to this most excellent forum, a forum which remains the only one to which I have ever subscribed in over 10 years of trading for a living. There is a reason for that, and for that reason I thank you.

£15 on its way!

Ian has asked that the prize money be donated  to the Alzheimers Association




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