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Trading is similar to gambling yet with one fundamental difference. Trading allows you to manage your position during a live event. Whereas gambling is a straightforward bet, a trade offers you the opportunity to determine the amount of money you can win or lose

We share is a community of like-minded traders who offer mutual support and guidance. Pooling our ideas & resources rather than trading alone can only lead to our ultimate objective - to be profitable

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With the help & expertise of our members you are virtually guaranteed of seeing your Betfair account balance grow. Of course, not all trades are winning ones but you will be green over the long term

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The service provides all the tools & resources to help you progress on your trading journey. In addition, bespoke training programmes are available to those needing a fast track entry to the world of sports trading

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This is the Featured trade of the day - TOTD - that is available to members. It comprises a full detailed analysis of match selection, appropriate strategy and staking.

Members can view the TOTD in the members` area and a daily email is sent to advise whether such a trade is on the menu for the day

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We are not a tipping service and we do not sell systems or get rich quick schemes. provides a platform where experienced and aspiring traders can benefit from a community led environment that is structured with one primary goal - to be a profitable trader

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The layout of the site is simplicity itself. The focal point is the Trading Centre with a live chat room & trading console where we trade football matches live. Additional elements to the site include a learning centre and membership subscription plans

Our Engagement

We want simply to provide you with the tools to become a better, more profitable trader. Trading articles, educational videos and training webinars are available in addition to bespoke training programmes and a first class support centre

Responsive Mobile

Trading is a perfect example of an activity which is suited to those who are on the move and who do not wish to be sat in front of a PC at home. The site is fully mobile responsive meaning that you can access the chat room & TradeBox from your mobile device wherever you are

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Dick "Bingo" Stanley is a retired Public Relations director who nine years ago discovered Betfair. He developed a successful way of making money by trading the Correct Score market which has now become his trademark. Bingo Little (his trading pseudonym ) trades the horses in the afternoon, trades football every evening and lies in bed most of the morning. He has written and produced the Online Training Course in addition to presenting training seminars and offering one to one tuition

Bingo, UK

Glos has been trading at for over four years and brings his own brand of statistical analysis to the table. Using performance data models like Betify he bases his trades around spotting value. This year he has posted over 200 trades and his calm, efficent manner in managing these in-play has brought him - and us - plenty of winners.

Glos, UK

Gun`s trading style is very much one of quantity over quality. "By spreading myself over several games and using manageable stakes I feel I'm able to let the winners run and can afford the odd blow out or small red. I do sometimes wonder to what degree stake size influences decision making in-play. If the selected trade was the right one it's crucial to let the trade work for you as far as you can. I'm not saying don't take the green - I'm saying don't take the first green in every situation. If you cut your winnings short you will find it much harder to accept the losses, both financially and, more importantly, emotionally. The reality, of course, is different. It's much easier to let a small stake run than it is to decline the offer of a green screen when you've staked a lot of money or are outside your comfort zone.

Gundulf, Kent

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